Cute Arkansas Tech Babes 2

Cute Arkansas Tech Babes 2 are a bunch of young and hot cheerleaders.

The school took on its current name of Arkansas Tech University on July 9, 1976.

In the fall of 2003, Arkansas Tech University announced it intended to overtake the state vocational school, Arkansas Valley Technical Institute, in Ozark, the seat of Franklin County. As of July 1, 2004, the Ozark campus has acted as a satellite campus of Arkansas Tech and has begun offering coursework leading toward an Associate of Applied Science degree in various subjects.

From 1997-2010, enrollment at Arkansas Tech increased by 131 percent. The university marked its 12th consecutive record enrollment in fall 2010 with 9,814 students.

Arkansas Tech has invested $180 million in upgrades to its infrastructure since 1995 and the university has added more than 40 new academic programs of study under the leadership of Robert C. Brown, who has served as president of Arkansas Tech since 1993. In April, 2014, Dr. Robin E. Bowen was unanimously selected by the university trustees selected to succeed Dr. Brown; when she takes office on 1 July 2014, she will become the first woman to lead a four-year, public Arkansas university.

Arkansas Tech University has dual nicknames: men’s athletic teams are called the Wonder Boys, while the women’s teams are called the Golden Suns.

On November 15, 1919 John Tucker, a 17-year-old freshman from Russellville, scores two touchdowns and kicks two extra points to lead the Second District Agricultural School Aggies to a 14-0 upset win over Jonesboro. In newspaper accounts following the game, Tucker and his teammates were referred to as “Wonder Boys,” and the nickname remains to this day. Tucker was labeled as “The Original Wonder Boy” and was associated with the school for the rest of his life. He went on to play on the University of Alabama’s Rose Bowl team in 1931 and served Arkansas Tech in a variety of roles – including coach, athletic director and chemistry professor – between 1925 and 1972. Two buildings on the Tech campus – Tucker Coliseum and Tucker Hall – are named in his honor.

Tired of being referred to as the Wonder Girls or Wonderettes, the female athletes of Arkansas Tech held a contest in the spring of 1975 to determine what their new mascot would be. Several names were nominated, but in the end, the athletes selected Golden Suns as their new nickname.

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