Hot Babes With Sexy Gaps

I really love Hot Babes With Sexy Gaps!

Listen up everyone. I have discovered the gospel on true beauty, and guys… I am about to share the secret to your happiness: Thigh Gaps.

Yes, they are exactly what they sound like. Impressionable girls all over Tumblr have become obsessed with the need to lose weight and have one of these gaps; a space between your thighs, but not when you are standing upright normally. There is a very specific way you must stand– do you think this is just something everyone can have (it’s kind of like an elitist club for the skinny and fabulous)? You stand with your legs perfectly parallel, with the sides of your feet squished inwards. There are many kinds of thigh gaps you can show off but the ultimate standard is to have a space from your crotch right down to your ankles.

If you have a thigh gap, pat yourself on the back! You are on your way to true beauty. If not, I’m here to tell you that maybe you should consider working on this uber-desired feminine feature. The one trend everyone should follow, like sneaker heels.

Don’t worry if you aren’t built physically like a waif to have these kinds of legs, you may just have to lose a tremendous and dangerous amount of weight. Don’t get frustrated– in this digital world, there are tumblrs dedicated to PROTIPS to help teach you how to not eat and how to beat your body into skinny submission. If you are skeptical about attempting to get this thigh gap, then not only will I give you reasons to go through with it, but also some inspiration if you decide to go on this journey.

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