Little Tight Dress

Sexy Little Tight Dress. Why do women wear them and why do men like them?

How do women’s “sexy” clothes really affect men? As a guy, I’d like to explain. So often, I see women in tight jeans, form-fitting dresses and mini-skirts. Some are wearing “painted-on” pants, low-cut blouses and tight sweaters, while others show parts of their bras here or there. Women are wearing “sexy” fashions just about everywhere – to school, work, even church.

Are these women striving to be honored and respected by men? Sometimes I wonder what their motives are deep down inside. Are they trying to be attractive and fashionable – or are they seeking something more? Do they know what signals they’re sending men? Are they looking for attention – or are they trying to find a good husband and permanent love? Are they trying to attract a date – or trying to boost self-confidence?

It may be these reasons or others, but the bottom line is that dressing in “sexy” clothes will not cause men to honor or respect women. In fact, it’s actually guaranteed to cause men to dishonor and disrespect them. If you want a man to respect you, and perhaps eventually fall in love with you, then you must show him that you respect yourself and that you recognize your dignity before God. The best way to show this is through modesty in dress, words, thoughts and actions.

Basically its to show off what you have and the fact that our society plays that off as what’s desired adds fuel to the fire. I don’t like tight fitting clothing, its uncomfortable. Except for leggings.

Some do, some don’t. It’s not always about attracting a guy. It depends on mood, weather, appropriateness for the activity such as working out you are supposed to wear more fitted clothing when working out on certain machines at the gym, also cycling – otherwise the garments get caught in the equipment. I dress to feel good, not to attract guys, so guys who think it’s all about them are mistaken. If a guy is attracted to a woman who is dressed nice, he shouldn’t assume it’s for him. He should be respectful if he wants to approach and speak to a woman he’s attracted to.

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