Sexiest Buns Collection

Here we have the Sexiest Buns Collection for you to enjoy.

Honestly I will take a curvy woman over a stick figure any day. It’s sad Woman feel like they need to lose their hips or their butt. What for? Thick hips and a big butt even on a slim girl is hot.

It’s 50/50 with boobs and butts to Men. There are the shallow Men that are grossed out by big butts and they are seriously misguided and just owned by the mainstream media’s love for twig models. There are plenty of butt Men out there and it has NOTHING to do with kids. It’s just a preference, just like wanting a blonde or brunette. Generally speaking, curves to a male subconscious, coincide with a woman’s ability to conceive children. A woman with wider hips and bigger breasts (to a male subconscious), would be more capable in ways of child bearing and breast feeding than say, a super slim streamlined woman with a smaller chest. This is not so for every man, though it is an accepted thesis.

Everyone has a different vision of beauty, which may only be skin deep. The subconscious is a wild abyss we are just barely beginning to pioneer. My boyfriend says he likes grabbing me, especially my huge butt which runs in the family as well as big breasts. Men just like the pleasure of grabbing on to something! The majority of men like smaller women with smaller waists and hips, curves are sexy but you can’t disguise an overweight woman. I think girls look better when they are of a smaller size but tall with small curves not too curvy. I’m not walking down the street holding hands with anyone that can pass as a teenage boy! I’m attracted to curvy women because well, they look like women!Size 8 and 10 girls are the sexiest they work out you don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t take care of their bodies. Curvy is fat which means they don’t work out. Fat is not attractive it is unsightly. Because that’s how our instincts have programmed us! All those fashions magazines and clothes horses (girls) thinking men find them attractive and the ‘average’ woman thinking they have to compete is simply not true for most of us guys. It’s all about proportion! You can be petite but curvy and voluptuous, or big and tall but curvy and voluptuous. BIG doesn’t necessarily mean the girl is obese.

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